Barone Care-Free Compaction Wheel Attached to Excavator Compacting Soil in Trench Barone, Inc. Manufacturer of Care-Free Compaction Wheel Attachments for Skid Steers, Backhoes, Loaders, and Excavators
BARONE Care-Free™ Compaction Wheel. Compact soil after trench excavation with skid steers, backhoes, loaders or excavators. Five year guarantee. About Barone, Inc. — Manufacturer of high quality, long lasting compaction wheels with five year guarantee. After excavating trenches, compact soil with your excavator, backhoe, loader or skid steer. Choose the Barone, Inc. Care-Free Compaction Wheel with long-lasting journal bearings and exclusive five year guarantee for compacting soil in trenches after excavating with skid steers, backhoes, loaders or excavators Specifications for Barone Compaction Wheel Models for Skid Steers, backhoes, loaders and excavators. Trench excavation and compaction. Other products manufactured by Barone, Inc. include Vacmasters Air Vacuum Excavation Systems for potholing, trenching, and utility location and SpoilVac Hydro Excavators and Mud  Vacuums Contact Barone, Inc. for high quality Compaction Wheels for compacting soil after trenching or excavating using skid steers, backhoes, loaders or excavators

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